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Marvad Haksamim: Shabbat Meals To Go In Jerusalem

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vacation, I start thinking about Shabbat on Monday. If an invitation does not surface by Wednesday, I start to worry.  By Thursday, I  panic. What will we eat? Will there be enough? Will the kids like it? Will I have to cook it?? Luckily, there’s no […]

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Volunteer Your Kids at Carmei Ha’Ir

After eating your way through Jerusalem, you can arrange for your family to give back. Carmei Ha’Ir, a Hebrew acronym for “All that are hungry shall eat” is a restaurant for anyone who can’t pay for lunch or dinner. It is located in the middle of Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem’s open air market. It looks like […]

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Digital Dead Sea Scrolls Project

http://dss.collections.imj.org.il/ Click on the above link to bring the Shrine of the Book Museum to life on your computer screen.

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Hasmonean Aqueduct tour in Armon Hanatziv

Following the Water to Jerusalem One of the first sites we took our kids to explore when we began our summer in Israel was this tour. This is one of several tours offered through the City of David, so you need to book early because it’s very popular.  Tours run in English and in Hebrew […]

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Segway Tours of Ancient Jerusalem

Ever since the Segway was invented, it was all my husband Mike talked about. So imagine my excitement when I learned that the City of David also offered Segway tours of Jerusalem! You have to be 18 years old to join this tour, so I knew I’d be the one  to stay back with the […]

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The Temple Mount Sifting Project

I’d bet anyone who’s been to this Temple Mount Sifting Project can recognize the woman in this picture. She’s probably one of the best tour guides and docents I’ve ever met. This opportunity is relatively new and the history and archeological finds change daily, perhaps even hourly. If you’ve ever doubted our historic Jewish presence […]

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Jerusalem Time Elevator

www.time-elevator.co.il Beit Agron, 37 Hillel St. (02) 6248381 So, it’s hot or rainy, depending when you’re in Israel. You’re in downtown Jerusalem and it’s too early for dinner, too late for lunch, you have a study break, or you are just lucky to be wandering around by yourself or with a friend or two. Duck […]

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Hezekiah’s Tunnel

Don’t be afraid to sing as you hike your way through Jerusalem’s 2,700 year-old ancient water tunnels. Built in 700 BCE, the water tunnels stretch for 600 yards (550m) and were used to channel water from the Gihon Spring to the Siloam Pool. According to the Torah, King Hezekiah attempted to protect Jerusalem’s water supply […]

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City Of David In David

Bright, whimsical billboards line the road side just below the entrance to the Western Wall lies one of Jerusalem’s most exciting archeological parks called City of David. Here you will discover the remains of the first Jewish capital built by King David in 1004BCE. This project was established in 1978 and so far 25 layers […]

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Rampart Walk

While you’re in Jerusalem, take an hour for yourselves or with your kids and enter Jaffa Gate for the Ramparts Walk. It’s cheap and easy and you generally don’t need to book ahead. There’s usually someone standing there near a sign who will take your money for tickets. The walk itself is safe and self […]

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