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Stop and Taste the Chocolate

Nona Chocolate is guaranteed to sweeten and revive your day even in the height of summer. I met Eti the owner and chocolatier a couple of summers ago. Her charming cafe is located across the street from the King David Hotel on a scrumptious piece of sidewalk. I had my eye on the place for […]

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Marvad Haksamim: Shabbat Meals To Go In Jerusalem

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vacation, I start thinking about Shabbat on Monday. If an invitation does not surface by Wednesday, I start to worry.  By Thursday, I  panic. What will we eat? Will there be enough? Will the kids like it? Will I have to cook it?? Luckily, there’s no […]

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Volunteer Your Kids at Carmei Ha’Ir

After eating your way through Jerusalem, you can arrange for your family to give back. Carmei Ha’Ir, a Hebrew acronym for “All that are hungry shall eat” is a restaurant for anyone who can’t pay for lunch or dinner. It is located in the middle of Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem’s open air market. It looks like […]

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Neot Kedumim

When my oldest son was in eighth grade,  his graduating class went to Israel for two weeks at the end of the year. When he came back, he told me about the first stop on his itinerary. “Mom,” he said excitedly on the ride home from the airport. “The first thing we did when I […]

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Mt. Herzl Memorial Park and Musuem

No matter how many times I go to Israel, Har Herzl and its new museum is still at top of my list. The park itself is a cemetery, but don’t let that discourage you from visiting. The cemetery is physically beautiful, lush and peaceful, with seemingly never ending pathways that wind in and out between […]

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Hanukkah: Heroes & Villains

Rabbi Joshua Ben Levi said, “Women are obligated to light the Hanukah menorah for they took part in the miracle” (Shabbat 23a) Two heroines emerge from the Hanukah story that often get lost in the heroic tales of the Maccabees. Their names were Judith and Hannah and they also symbolizes the victory of the Jews […]

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Digital Dead Sea Scrolls Project Click on the above link to bring the Shrine of the Book Museum to life on your computer screen.

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Sukkot: Religious Meaning

If Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur prepare the mind for teshuvah, repentance, and help the soul achieve divine forgiveness, then Sukkot is like a congratulations party for the body after a long, spiritual journey. Also called zeman simhateinu, the season of our rejoicing, Sukkot is about joy and giving thanks. When the children of Israel […]

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Hasmonean Aqueduct tour in Armon Hanatziv

Following the Water to Jerusalem One of the first sites we took our kids to explore when we began our summer in Israel was this tour. This is one of several tours offered through the City of David, so you need to book early because it’s very popular.  Tours run in English and in Hebrew […]

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Jerusalem Paint Ball

For information and reservations: 02-6268700 I have two boys ages 16 and 12. They’ve tried Paintball once or twice here in the States. We live in Chicago, so there are lots of places for Paintball. I’m not a fan. They can get hurt so I don’t look for Paintball opportunities. However, when I found out […]

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